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CSS Features

CSS stands for cascading style sheet as in its name style word came so, it means it deal with some sort of styling. Basically CSS is used in Web Developments for designing purposes like

we can change the headings color of web page, font size, font syle, also control the block level elements and make page representable to users.

Css is used as front-end designing language we can make our website front-ends with css and also website layouts are made with CSS.

Things That Can be Designed By CSS

  • Text Can be style using CSS.

  • HTML Elements can be style using CSS.

  • Tables can be customized.

  • Forms are customized according to need of user/client.

  • Images are customized.

  • Image slider are made with CSS.

  • Transitions and animations are controlled by CSS.

  • Colors are changed and applied by CSS.

  • Layout are made with CSS.

  • All other changes are made with CSS in a Web Page.

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