How independence day of Pakistan Celebrated?

How independence day of Pakistan Celebrated?

Independence Day of Pakistan

Independence Day of Pakistan is commemorated on 14 August every year. It is the day when Muslims of subcontinent achieved independence and made their separate state in the name of Islam. Muslims of Pakistan get independence from British rule in 1947. This separate state of Muslims is termed as Pakistan. In the first constitution of Pakistan 1956, its name was suggested as Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Now, its complete name is Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistan is achieved after a lot of hardships and difficulties. People sacrificed their precious things even lives for it. Independence Day of Pakistan is celebrated all over the country. This day can be referred as an occasion which spread patriotism and national unity. Independence Day of Pakistan raises the feeling of hope and create unity in the people of Pakistan. This day give us courage to develop our country in a better state. Independence Day of Pakistan remind us of all the sacrifices that our forefather has made for the sake of Pakistan. It gives as passion to sacrifice all our valuable things for the safety and betterment of Pakistan when needed.

Pakistani Flag

What is Independence Day?

The word independence means “the fact or the state of being independent”. It can be used for a person, industry, company or a country. If we use it in terms of a country then it is a state for a country where it can freely take out all its decision without any external pressure. The day when this kind of authority is given to a specific country is called Independence Day. Independence Day is celebrated in the remembrance of that precious occasion.

What is independence day?

Pakistan is created as a result of Pakistan movement which is generated by our great leaders such as Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Liaqat Ali Khan, Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar, Maulana Shaukat Ali, Molana Hussain Azad and few others. This movement aimed for the creation of a separate Muslim state in the north-western region of Subcontinent. Muslims decided to make a separate homeland for themselves so that they can live their lives according to the principles of Islam. British people occupied subcontinent in the middle of the 19th century where Muslims and Hindus were living together for centuries. In the British Raj, Muslims had almost no rights. They cannot live according to their religion in the Hindu majority. Muslims were exploited socially, economically and financially. These aspects urged Muslims to demand a separate homeland for themselves.

14th August 2019 and 2020

14th August 2019 was on Wednesday last year. On this day, almost all school, colleges and business works are closed. Flag hosting ceremony was hold in the morning near border. In some educational institutes, 14th August was celebrated by students and teachers. They play national songs on the day of independence. 14th august is a national event and occasion. This occasion gives us the feeling of unity and sacrifice. 14th August is a splendid event which is celebrated by all kinds of people in the country.

Pakistan Zindabad

14th August 2020 is coming soon. It is on next Friday. Independence Day is celebrated this year as usual. Flag hosting ceremony will be hold as all previous years. Due to lockdown, all educational institutes are closed but Independence Day is still celebrated with the same zeal and zest. People of Pakistan wear green and white dresses on 14th August representing the flag of Pakistan. The flag of Pakistan is unique. It consists of larger green part which comprises of 3rd quarter of the flag and the remaining quarter is white. The green part in the national flag of Pakistan represents the Muslim Community living in the country. The white part in the flag of Pakistan represents non-Muslim community living in the Pakistan. The presence of white part in the national flag of Pakistan represents the rights of Non-Muslims.

Happy Independence Day:

Independence Day of this year is coming very soon. The preparations of Independence Day are started. People buy green and white dresses for 14th August. We received a lot of wishes on that day such as Happy Independence Day.

On this day, we should remember the painful journey which our leader spent. They endure hardships, punishments, jails and socio-economical torture. They do all these efforts for the sake of Pakistan. Independence Day is celebrated with great pleasure by all sectors present in our country.

Independence Day Speech:

Independence Day is celebrated in different regions in different ways. All the ways by which Independence Day is celebrated are interesting and exciting. In most educational institutes, Independence Day speeches are made. These speeches represent the struggle behind creation of Pakistan. The purpose of Independence Day speeches is to tell our young generation that how precious is land is. These Independence Day speeches tell us that we should work for the development and better future of Pakistan wholeheartedly.

In the speech, we tell our young generation to work for the country irrespective of cast, color language and religion. We all are Pakistanis. Out foremost duty is to protect our country from enemies at every cost. Pakistan is above than all our relations and needs. Pakistan is our country. It is a country that generated unity in people having different languages, casts, color and religions. It is like a bond that fasten us all together.

14th August Independence Day:

Independence Day of Pakistan 2020 is arriving on 14th August which is on Friday. 14th august Independence Day is the national event for the people of Pakistan.

As someone said:

“A prisoner is not just a criminal in jail; a prisoner is a person who is not allowed to practice religion freely, a person not free to express thoughts, an individual bound with invisible chains – 14th August 1947 is the day when Muslims of Sub-Continent were released from the Prison.”

Pakistan was founded by Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1947. It is achieved after a lot of sacrifices which our leader and his fellows made. 14th august united our whole nation. Independence day tell us that we should stand against all the evil powers which actions against our country.

14th August Speech in Urdu:

14th august Speech in Urdu can be given as following:

Independence day speech in urdu

It can be further explained as

independence day speech in urdu
urdu speech independence day

As our national language is Urdu, so Independence Day speeches are mostly made up in Urdu.

How Independence Day is Celebrated?

In Pakistan, 14th August is a national holiday observed all over the world with government parades, air displays and fireworks. Every year, the official heads, dignitaries and the head of state means Prime Minister and President of Pakistan visit the mausoleum of father of Pakistan, Quaid e Azam, who founded the Pakistan. They visit mausoleum in Karachi to pray for the soul of founding father of Pakistan and pay their respects.

Prade of 14 August

In Pakistan, Independence Day is celebrated with great zeal and zest. All kind and age of people take part in the activities of Independence Day. People of Pakistan wear white and green dresses. They decorate their houses, streets, shops, schools, colleges and institutes with white and green balloons and small paper flags. Everyone is excited for the Independence Day.

flag holding by childrens

On the day of independence, people of Pakistan pray for the prosperity and development of their country. They pray to GOD Almighty that He keeps their country safe and protect it from evil powers. 

How You Celebrate Independence Day?

Across Pakistan, people celebrate Independence Day with patriotic zest. We celebrate Independence Day by wearing white and green clothes. These colors represent flag of Pakistan. On the day of independence, all people of Pakistan wear these colors to represent the national unity among them.

Flag of 14 August

No country can succeed without national unity present between its government and private sector.

Kids and even elders blow fireworks to celebrate their happiness. We decorate our houses, cars and offices with green and white colors. Independence Day brings a lot of happiness and joy to the people of Pakistan.

Pakistan Flag Cake

14th August Status:

On the day of independence, people post quotes and statuses about 14th August to show their love with Pakistan. They send SMS to each other regarding Independence Day which are as followings:

Pakistan ka Matlab w.a Status
Pakistan Zindabad
  • Liberty is not free; it comes at a price. Gaining freedom cost you sacrifice of many lives. Therefore, it should be secured, cherished, respected, and appreciated. Independence Day sms is an opportunity to thank and pay homage to your motherland.
  • I feel so lucky to be myself as a part of Pakistan, therefore, many discovered memories as well as a great buddy like you as it has given. wishing Independence Day!
  • The day of sacrifice, the day of unity, the day of love, the day of decision celebration with the message of the world Happy Independence Day.
  • Thousands laid down their lives so that our country breath this day…Never forget their sacrifice. Happy Independence Day.

Several kinds of these messages and quotes are received on the day of independence. People change their Whats App, Instagram and Facebook profile pictures and turns them in independence day wishes.