How Scorpion Venom Effects

How Scorpion Venom Effects


Scorpion venom is a neurotoxin, a chemical which affects the nervous system of human beings. Scorpion venom has poisonous effects that might kill a person. In spite of its harmful effects, it is used in a large number of medicinal drugs for many useful purposes. Scorpion venom is potent poison of scorpion having elongated body and curved tail with venomous stinger.

Composition of Scorpion Venom

Scorpion venom has many useful components present in them. Scorpion venom constituted by mucopolysaccharides, hyaluronidase, phospholipase, serotonin, histamine, enzyme inhibitors and proteins namely neurotoxic peptides

Different species of Scorpion

Different species of scorpion are present across world in different parts.  Different species of scorpions have venom having different compositions. These are used in manufacturing of different kind of medicinal drugs. The types of scorpions present in different parts of world are as follows.

  • Emperor Scorpion
  • Red claw Scorpion
  • Red Scorpion
  • Arizona bark Scorpion
  • Forest Scorpion
  • Three striped Scorpion
  • Death stalker Scorpion
  • Blue Scorpion
  • Fat tail Scorpion
  • Arizona Hairy Scorpion

Emperor Scorpion

Emperor scorpion is one of the biggest scorpions in the world. They are not highly poisonous. These adults sometime have length 18 centimeters and weighs about 30 grams. They are mostly black in color. Their venom has medical importance.


Emperor scorpion can be used as pets by many humans.

Red Claw Scorpion

Red claw scorpions are found in African rainforests. They are nonaggressive and their sting effect is almost equal to sting of honey bee. They are not much dangerous. People use them as pets

But beginners must be warned. Their breeding is very hard. They cannot easily find a suitable mate for them. They require specific conditions for their growth and reproduction.

Red Scorpion

It is most dangerous scorpion found in Asia. It is mostly present in Pakistan, India and Nepal. It is called as Red scorpion because of its orange red appearance. It preys on nocturnal arachnids.

Medicinal importance

The venom of red scorpion is used in manufacturing of anti-arthritic drugs. These drugs are very effective in the treatment of arthritis which is a major issue across world.

Arizona bark Scorpion

Arizona bark Scorpion is light brown colored scorpion which is common in south west US and Sonoran Desert. Adult male bark scorpion reaches to 8 centimeters.

Medicinal benefits

The venom of this scorpion is used in the formation of different drugs. The drugs used for the treatment of brain tumors are manufactured from the venom of this scorpion.

Forest Scorpion

Forest scorpions reside in Malaysia and India. It is usually large and heavy. Due to its appearance, it may often mistaken for emperor scorpion. It is poisonous than emperor scorpion.

Medicinal benefits

The venom of forest scorpions used in the formation of drugs that are used to treat hypertension.

Three striped Scorpion

The three striped scorpion or striped bark scorpion is common in the middle of United States. It is pale yellow in color and can be identified by two or three longitudinal strips.

Medicinal benefits

The drugs made by the venom of three striped scorpion help to dissolve blood clots and prevent new clots from forming.

Death stalker Scorpion

The name of this scorpion has a reason. Its poison is extremely deadly and almost nobody left alive after its sting. Despite of its deadly and poisonous effects, its venom has medical significance.

Medicinal benefits

The venom of death stalker scorpion contains a chemical called chlorotoxin which is very helpful in manufacturing of such drugs which are very effective for the treatment of cancerous cells.

Similarly, other components of this venom are helpful against the effects of diabetes.

Blue Scorpion

Blue scorpion is also known as Alarcan Azul. It is also known as Slender brown scorpion. They are found in US, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, Gabon and Venezuela

Medicinal benefits 

The venom of blue scorpion is used in formation of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving drugs.

Fat tail scorpion

Fat tail scorpions are small in size. Their adults have size of 4 inches.