HTML Tutorials For Beginners

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HTML Features

Html stands for Hypertext markup language.
Hypertext means a text containing another text link means a hypertext is linked with other webpage, image, video and audio or with any document.
Markup meansĀ having symbols that are use to represent the content of a webpage likeĀ paragraphs, heading, links, buttons, images.
A webpage contain text that is written in the html. Means that html is used for the development of a website.
Without html we cannot make a website. So, it is basic and necessary to learn html for the development of website.
  • It is not case sensitive.
  • Element of html are represented by tags.
  • Browsers only displays the content not the tags to the user.
  • Html tags are represented by the angle tags content goes here
  • Mostly tag have opening and also closing tags with slash
  • Some tags are considered standalone.
HTML 3.21997
HTML 4.011999
HTML 52014
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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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