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Category: HTML

Iframe in Html

Iframe Iframe is stand for inline frame. Iframe is the frame within the frame. Iframe is used to embed another document within the HTML document. Iframe syntax              <iframe src=”URL“>/iframe> Attributes of Iframe Attributes of Iframes are as follow: 1. src This attribute is used to give URL and name description …

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Image in Html

In this chapter we learn about the IMAGE IN HTML. IMAGE are used in the web pages to visual representation of the content. For displaying image on the web page we use <img>  tag . <IMG /> TAG basically consists of three parts (attributes) that must be given for showing an img. <img /> itself tag. src (src is the source of picture from …

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Div in Html

Divs in HTML  The <div>tag is known as Division tag in html. It simply use to divide content of the page (image, text, link etc.) into different sections. Div tag work as container that sum up other page elements and divides the HTML document into different sections to apply CSS to style them. By using div tag …

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Classes in Html

In this chapter we learn about the CLASSES IN HTML. Basically Classes are helpfull in building a webpage it helps us in customizing different html elements. So, a single class is used like we say if have 4 heading in my web page and i want three of them to be customized (font, size, color, weight) …

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Id in Html

In this chapter we learn about ID in html. ID is use to point out a unique element that may be used in css for styling or used in the java script to change element behavior. An ID is used for the unique things like we have 5 headings in our page out of 5 we …

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Link in Html

In this chapter we learn about Links In Html, so we see that every web page containing different link to other web pages. Like a website having link home, about us, contact us so these are the link that combine all the website pages together. With the help of links we redirects from one page to …

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Button in Html

In this chapter we learn how buttons are created using HTML. Button is basically an element or tag in html. We can give different names inside button and on clicking button it can perform different actions. We can use a button with anchor tag as well as with input type. Aside all this there’s lots …

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List in Html

In this chapter we study about the lists, in html documents we use list to represents data and information in the form of numbered and bullets. There’s two type of lists:        1. Ordered Lists        2. Unordered Lists 1. Ordered Lists In order list we represent list items in different types …

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Blocks in Html

In this chapter we about the blocks, in html page block elements are started from new line or before a line and after a line block level element is shown. Most probably there is two type of block level elements used in html: Div Span Div starts from the new line or we say that it …

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Table in Html

In this chapter we learn about the tables in html tables are commonly used in the websites and also we see in our daily life there are many usage of table. Table is used to represent different type of data and we also used table for the comparisons of things. A table consists of rows …

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