List in Html

In this chapter we study about the lists, in html documents we use list to represents data and information in the form of numbered and bullets.

There’s two type of lists:

       1. Ordered Lists

       2. Unordered Lists

1. Ordered Lists

In order list we represent list items in different types like numberalphabets(Small / Captial)roman(Small / Capital) counting is used. 

Examples of Ordered Lists:

1) Numbered

A) Capital Alphabet Order

a) Small Alphabets Order

I) Capital Roman Counting

i) Small Roman Counting

2. Unordered List

In unordered list for the representation of lists item bullets are used to represent new list item like (disc, circle, square, none) are the list item bullet types.

Examples of Unordered Lists:

  • Circle
  • Disc
  • Square
  • None