Introduction to Html

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Its is a front-end web development language all the content visually shown (image, audio, video, text, paragraphs, headings, table, lists) on webpages with HTML tags.Html is a combination of hypertext and markups.A markup language is used to describe the website layout text document inside a title. This language is used to transcribe (write code notes) text and write it understandable and interpreted by the keyboard. Manual readability is mainly human markup (e.g., HTML) languages. The language uses annotations to describe how the document is distorted.HTML is a web markup language for editing text, pictures and other content in the appropriate format.Developed & Release In 1991 Tim Berners-Lee developed HTML. HTML 1.0 was the first HTML version ever, but HTML 2.0, released in 1999, became the first mainstream edition.Extension of HTML Extension of html page is  .htmlTags & Element. Predefined tags are used in the HTML and these tags are not shown during user’s visits webpages.  Versions of HTML 
HTML Version  Release Year 
HTML 1.0         1991 
HTML 2.0        1995 
HTML 3.2        1997 
HTML 4.01        1999 
XHTML        2000 
HTML 5        2014 
 HTML Page Structure <DOCTYPE! html>: As the name of tag describe that taf  tells the browser current version of html.: This is root element and wrap all the code. Every element is written in HTMl  is wrapped in root element: Head tag contains metadata, title, page CSS etc. All the HTML code that can be used inside theelement are:

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