Crawler Based Search Engine

What is Web Crawler



It is the approach of reading website (webpages) content for the sake of maintaining the record for the search engine index.
So, you listen a lot about the web crawler’s sometimes known as the spider or just spider bot or simply a crawler are used to index your website’s / web pages by reading it and it is simply done by the systematically (read data for www WORLDWIDE WEB) for the sake of websites indexing or Search Engine Optimization.

For example:

You have a website named as WORLDVIEWIT and a crawler comes to your site it checks out the total webpages and topics that are written on the web site and read them also check out the queries used to access that data (like a person type in the GOOGLE that “WORLDVIEWIT CRAWLER” so in result person see this page how this page will have opened or come on the first link of GOOGLE).
CRAWLING basically GOOGLE is a search engine and already crawled WHOLE WEBSITE as well as its pages and know the queries and data used inside these pages. Crawler saves multiple views or copies of the same data with different search angles so whenever anyone search-relevant query crawler shows results.

Another important thing is BOTS.

So, the BOTS are small robots that work like robots and the important thing is what kind of work they do?
Yes, they are used for crawling the websites and they are preprogrammed to do these activities. Like you listen about google bots they come across a site named “WORLDVIEWIT” what they have seen at this site?

There are several pages like:

  1. Home 
  2. About 
  3. Contact
  4. Courses
  5. Search Engine Optimization 
  6. And many more…

So these bots are starting inspecting “WORLDVIEWIT” each page and systematically collect all the data (keywords, topic, descriptions, etc.) from the “WORLDVIEWIT” and store them into the “SEARCH ENGINE RECORD”. When someone searches for the specific thing it shows that SITE. 

Besides, that is all these bots|Crawlers|Spider works automatically?
So according to my opinion no, because at the start when a site is built and live “WEBMASTER” submits SITE on the GOOGLE and asked to index our WEBSITE.
By the way why I write GOOGLE (because now a day’s you and I and every person knows GOOGLE is one of the largest search engines with more than 2 Trillion Searches a day’s which mean’s “GOOGLE IS LARGEST SEARCH ENGINE” and every person wants that its site’s show’s in the first page of google.   
 Beside GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE there are also many other search engines like (BING, YAHOO, YANDEX, etc.)

Important things to work with these bots:

  1. WEBSITE allows crawlers to crawl.
  2. You must have knowledge of the “robot.txt” file.
  3. You have set rules to crawl a website.
  4. You submit a website sitemap (sitemap define at the end of the topic).

When you submit your sitemap to google you have to set how crawler|spider|bots visit your site and crawl your website.
Sometimes we have some pages that we don’t want to crawl|index on the search engine results. We exclude these pages do not crawl or exclude that page. 

A sitemap is like a “map of any country and in this map, every place is given.” Same like sitemap it is the map of the website where all the webpages are written I say that there’s a web named as “SEO HISTORY AND EVOLUTION” its link is “ SEO Evolution and History
And it is stored in the sitemap. It is really helpful for the CRAWLERS to read all the pages from a single place(sitemap) instead of visiting all the webpage one by one.
The extension for a sitemap is XML. 

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