SEO Evolution and History

SEO Evolution and History

Search Engine Optimization [seo]  Evolution and History 

Site design improvement (SEO) especially rotates around Google today. In any case, the training we currently know as SEO really pre-dates the world’s most well-known web crawler helped to establish by  Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

What was Before SEO?

Brain Pinkerton made the First crawler at the University of Washington and launched on April 20, 1994, for indexing complete pages. that was the first Engine power by web-crawler and were able to make a list of top 25 websites.

Beginning Of Seach Engine Optimization.

1993: Excite was launch in 1993 and bough WebCrawler in 1996. It stopped its own listing in 2001.

1994: “Lycos” was a crawler-based search engine launched in 1994. It was enabled to the indexing of 60 million documents.

1997:  “Yahoo “is powered by humans and generate crawler-based results. Dany Sullivan brings a “search engine watch”  to explain all the searched things.

1998: “Google PageRank launched to perform an accurate ranking of the website.

1999: The first conference was launched by Dany Sullivan for research.SEOs had still problems with search engine updates. The algorithm was changed by Altavista and its website was also relaunched.

2000: “Google AdWords” was launched by Google as a CPM model. A page rank toolbar is also launched by Google to help the SEO collect the page rank.

2003:  Contextual Advertisement with AdSense was introduced by Google.Text–Link-Ads were launched by   Patrick  Gavin to provide an easy method of buying and selling links.

2004: “SEOMOZ”  was launched by “Rand Fishkin”.That has become of the industry’s authorities on all search engines.

2005:Google released NOFOLLOW Tag” to overcome Blog spam that is supported by Yahoo and MSN.”Google Analytics” was launched by Google. It facilitates the SEO to test and track the result of their campaigns.

2008:  “Google Suggest” was launched. It helps SEO to perform a keyword search.

2009:  Social Network helps the user to get real-time results. Google wants to ensure that it can give the indexing fresh results. Google caffeine update shows that Google can index the crawler frequently and Render fresher results.

2010:  A discussion with Danny Sullivan and as a result, Twitter and Facebook were allowed to influence the SEO by Google and BING.

2011:  Panda was launched by Google it prevent sites with low-quality content to get top ranking.Google+ was launch and it provides encryption of keyword data.

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